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Aussies in Morocco was easy to deal with, polite, professional and friendly. Happy to arrange things to suit my preferences and found great guides for my recent solo trip. Couldn’t speak more highly of their service.

Jebby Phillips

What an amazing company! Unparalled customer service and responsiveness. Cara is knowledgeable and passionate about Morocco. She has put together the most amazing itinerary for us. Unlike our experiences with other operators in the past Cara truly strives to understand your specific needs. Looking forward to our adventure!

Peter Hurkett

While I have been unable to do the trip that I was planning Tracey and Cara have been unbelievably helpful and understanding of changing circumstances and i am hopeful that once the world returns to normal that I will be able to do the amazing trip that they planned for me.

Thanks ladies and please stay safe during these uncertain times.

Jocelyn Hockley

As a philosopher, I was pleased to have been invited by Aussies In Morocco Tours to do an unpublished group tour for artists and people involved in the creative industries.

I trust AIMT completely because I have known Cara the principal for many years; in her other life as a lawyer, and as a fellow convenor of a monthly philosophy group.

I fancy the itinerary that she has planned and the strong visual focus of the travelling group; for example the riads in the desert, and at Marrakech and at Essaouira I expect will be visually stunning. I am really looking forward to the culinary tour in Marrakech as well, overseen by a Canadian who has lived in Marrakech for years. Table fellowship has been a strong element in my early theological studies and going back to desert culture will be exciting.

Cara has also paced the experience so that we have time to absorb an intensely sensory experience and not just leap from location to location. I also love the little tidbits she gives us from time to time like what colours to wear for particular locations to make the photos really spectacular.

Finally I like the way that she introduces we group members to each other via social media and with invitations to share a meal. This gives each of us that comforting sense of familiarity before we depart to spend a couple of weeks overseas together. Cara is coming with us too; to make sure all goes smoothly. I can’t wait!

Samuel Alexander

The manner in which AIMT facilitated genuine and real interaction with locals was truly remarkable. Whether it was eating a home-cooked meal with the family of a Moroccan tour guide or shaking hands with members of a Nomadic community deep in the desert, each experience was truly authentic and immersive. Cara’s ability to seek out the Morocco beneath the façade typically presented to foreigners was amazing.

More so, the tour’s engagement beyond the cityscapes of Marrakesh and Casablanca revealed a natural beauty unlike anything I’d experienced before. Off-roading in a 4WD through an expansive stony desert after hiking through a valley cultivated by locals for centuries provided a spectacular glimpse back through time.

I would highly recommend this trip for anyone who wishes to best understand what Morocco really has to offer. Thanks for everything!

Luke Lewis

Aussies in Morocco Tours is one of the best tour companies I have ever had the pleasure of using. My partner and I started with a blank canvas but knowing we wanted to see the highlights of Morocco for around 7 days (Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca, Rabat, Chefchaouen, the Sahara Desert and much more!). Cara put together a mind blowing itinerary which will be taking us to all the places we want to go.

We will be touring for approximately 7 days but there are other tour options which Cara can organise. If you don’t know much about Morocco, how to get around or where to start, Cara will guide you with her knowledge and plan just about everything including drivers, accommodation, transfers, guides and anything else your heart desires.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is travelling to Morocco or a couple, group or solo traveller who wish to have something customised without having to worry about the details. Cara will look after you 😊. 10/10!

Rhiannon Lewis

Responsive, interesting, intelligent!

I know our trip to Morocco will be brilliant once we get past the current travel challenges. We were on the brink of going to Morocco in early March when the world changed. Cara from Aussies in Morocco had worked out an exciting and interesting itinerary for us. To do this she asked great questions about what we wanted and what were our travel expectations.

This was important as we are not novice travellers. And what was recommended was not going to be an “off-the-shelf” experience! Aussies in Morocco are clearly expert, well connected and thoughtful travel planners. Their response/followup was friendly, personal and prompt.

I can’t wait until we are able to travel to Morocco, and it will be with Aussies in Morocco!

Dyanne Ward

It has been some time now that I have wanted explore Morocco and am hoping to go 2021. I was delighted when Cara, who is a client of mine, started this company, as I love her quirky approach to life and her artistic knowledge. She has been sending me little snippets, photos and tips and I love them all. I know that when I am ready she will design a tour that is perfect for me – filled with colour, food delights, architectural splendour, art, & unique handicrafts…..that are a little off the beaten track! And especially if she is my guide, no doubt it will be humorous & fun. Really looking forward to it.  Gessica

Gessica Marmotta

Morocco Insider

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