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If you are interested in an 8 day/7 night tour (dates are flexible) to:-

* see gigantic art installations in the desert, *drink camel milk accompanied by dates,

*walk through exotic markets, *explore dilapidated ksars (mini-palaces) and a mosaic-embellished mausoleum,

* wander amidst an abandoned, but remarkably well-preserved village that was once inhabited by the Arab descendants of the camel caravan merchants who came from faraway lands & settled in the area,

*stay in a luxury desert camp by the side of the Erg Chebbi dunes,

*check out a museum with some amazing fossils, *play petanque, *do a cooking class,

*stay in a 500 year old Kasbah in the same family for 8 generations,

*experience Marrakech, whilst staying in a traditional but beautiful riad with quirky interior design,


and accompanied by a qualified teacher with a Master degree in linguistics, perfect French and a funny and kind personality;

THEN this may be the tour for you.

(Our drivers, hotel management and staff are also happy to get into the French language spirit of it all!)


Please send enquiries to

*Please also note this is our cheapest tour by far, per day, as our main focus is to support and promote French culture. You may be surprised at the price.


You start in Casablanca and fly down to the desert (Errachidia). You end in Marrakech but we can drive you to Casablanca if you need to get your departing flight from there.


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