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About Us


You can see Spain from Morocco


Photo © Monique Jacobson

See our blog post about the links between Moorish Spain and Spanish Morocco here

About Us

You can see Spain from Morocco - Photo © Monique Jacobson
See our blog post about the links between Moorish Spain and Spanish Morocco here


Aussies in Morocco Tours™ is a boutique private tour business catering to Australians and English-speakers.

We offer a range of 4, 7 and 10-day tours, and can tailor these tours where possible, to meet your wishes and needs.

Our trusted local suppliers are well-established and respected in the Moroccan tourism industry. All drivers are trustworthy Moroccan-born and experienced, mainly Berbers hailing originally from South-Eastern Morocco.

In your quest to discover the Morocco of your dreams, the Aussies in Morocco Tours™ team are here to turn this into a reality.

Travel is having a conversation with another culture

Travel is having
a conversation with
another culture

Cara Ghassemian — Principal

The Challenge of Morocco

Aussies in Morocco Tours™ is my creation– a personal journey – the best of which I wanted to share with like-minded travellers who similarly enjoy engaging with life on the other side of the portal to such an exotic country as Morocco.

Morocco, I have learnt, is kind, but also cruel. She will indulge your senses with her beauties and exploit your heart with her wiles.

If you let her.

That’s the challenge in a nutshell for each of us as her guests.

I am a French speaking Australian lawyer of many years experience and a traveller in Morocco for a number of those.

I bring all the discipline of my many years’ legal training to the organisation of your adventure in Morocco and to its enhancement.

I and my team have things set up to give you the opportunity to explore the depth, not just the surface, of Morocco; where bread is cooked in the coals of the hammam and the call to prayer is like a violin bow drawn over the strings of your soul.

Under my management there is always a strong emphasis on both safety and creativity.

At least partly this is due to my legal training, which has made me particularly risk averse, inspiring the development of extra safety measures vis insurance and our bespoke safety mobile app that at the time of writing this, is almost ready to launch.

Reflecting the creativity angle, I’ve also got a keen interest in art (I am on course to complete a Master of Fine Arts, part-time, at the moment). As a result, I have a particular affinity with art and culture – if I can put it that way – at least to a modest extent.

However, when academic or professional work is one’s life, a holiday is a bit of escapism from all that, rather than an extension of it. Assuming, without us being carbon copies of each other (showing my age with that metaphor) that you are somewhat like me, be assured there is no overload on the academic in our tours. You will experience a sensitivity as you travel with us to the aesthetics of the experience – nice food and unique experiences wherever possible – but not a sledgehammer of it.

The emphasis, to put it another way and subject to what you may specifically request, is on direct experience of beauty and on adventure.

And yes, it is an adventure in Morocco.

Every – single – time.

Check out the rest of our website to see what I mean. Especially the blog posts that I have written about my experiences there.

I am also immensely grateful to have Tracey, who has worked for 35 years in the travel industry, guiding me and working alongside me to give you the experience of a lifetime that you will remember and relive forever and maybe even return to, like me.

So are you up for the challenge?

Take care and have fun.

A plus!

A wet and wild Sunday afternoon

On Sunday 9 February 2020 a small group of us gathered in the bowels of the Petersham Bowling Club to hear Joe’s inaugural presentation of his photography tour in September 2020.  Joe is a professional photography teacher of many years standing (Smarter Digital Photography) and a fun personality.  Read all about it here.

Tracey Patterson

Tracey Patterson has spent all her working life in various challenging roles in the Tourism Industry.  Her experience includes airline, travel agent, tour operations and accommodation. She has owned and operated tourism businesses in both the UK and Australia.

Tracey spent ten years working with Bill Peach on his Australian private aircraft and international journeys.  She has organised tours all over the world and has helped hundreds of people experience emerging and challenging destinations in comfort and style. She understands the mechanics of travel arrangements and uses her skills together with her understanding of her clients’ requirements to build bespoke tours.

Tracey has travelled extensively as a solo female traveller and as a family with young children. She understands the challenges that you might face and has a wealth of experience that she is more than happy to share with you.

Our Tribe: 

Who Are You?

You are an English language speaker; probably Australian, although not necessarily so.

Although you may be travelling with children, you are aged between 18 and 65, perhaps 70 and in at least good health.

You are travelling by yourself, as part of a couple or with a small group of friends. In any case, your travelling party does not exceed 12.

You probably want to see as much as you can of Morocco in a brief period of time (in our experience this is generally around 10 days).

You have the capability to pay for a holiday in Morocco at a standard that approximates between 3 stars and 5 stars.

No matter that we tell you that statistically Europe is more at risk of terrorism than is Morocco, you are still concerned.

You want to learn and you have an openness to other cultures and other religions.

You like the idea of organising a holiday in partnership with someone who “gets you” in terms of your expectations.

You are the kind of person who is prepared to let us know of any issue, immediately you become aware of it so we can do our best to rectify it.

You enjoy creativity and the fact that the difference is in the small details. This is our speciality!

Oh, and one final thing. Maybe you already know Cara, our principal, possibly through her work as a lawyer or her interest in French and philosophy. If so, she says a particularly warm hello to you.

For our expanded discussion about you, visit our blog post here.

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To find out more about our tours and bespoke options, simply submit our booking enquiry form , send us an email or give us a call.

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