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Aussies in Morocco Tours is a boutique private tour company catering to Australians and English-speakers. We offer a range of 4 and 7-day tours, and can tailor these tours where possible, to meet your wishes and needs.

Our trusted local partners are well-established and respected in the Moroccan tourism industry. All drivers are trustworthy Moroccan-born professionals, mainly Berbers hailing originally from South-Eastern Morocco.

In your quest to discover the Morocco of your dreams, the Aussies in Morocco Tours team are here to turn this into a reality.

Cara Ghassemian — Founder and Managing Director

Aussies in Morocco Tours was founded by its principal, Cara Ghassemian. An Australian lawyer with her own legal practice since 2006, Cara is a French enthusiast with a passion for travel.

With her wealth of experience travelling in Morocco, and support from fellow Morocco travel experts, Cara is well-placed to liaise with our Moroccan partners — providing a useful bridge between the two cultures in order to achieve the ideal tour for you, as a fellow Australian/English-speaker.

Inspired by Albert Camus, specifically his descriptions of the desert in L’hôte (The Guest), Cara first visited the French-speaking areas of the Mahgreb region of North Africa several years ago. She was so enchanted by the people, customs and landscapes of Morocco that she has returned there many times — making friends and connections along the way. It was from wanting to share the benefit of those experiences, especially tips and advice with other Australians travelling to the region, that Aussies in Morocco Tours was conceived.

Cara tells how she rediscovered a passion for languages and adventure in this article in the Law Society Journal: “Chasing the Exotic”

Anne Verhoeven — Writer and Producer

Anne first travelled to Morocco as an adventurous 19-year-old, and has since been back over a dozen times (and counting). She’s spent extended periods in Morocco, both for pleasure and researching for her Masters thesis on the late contemporary Moroccan artist, Farid Belkahia.

With an in-depth knowledge of Morocco’s rich culture and extensive travel experience under her belt, Anne is perfectly placed to contribute to Aussies in Morocco Tours as Content Producer.

You can follow Anne’s travel adventures on Instagram.

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