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Explore the exotic, discover ancient medinas, stay in authentic riads and support local communities

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Go to Morocco as a side trip from your European holiday!

On a clear day you can easily see Morocco from the Spanish coast!

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Ask us about our bespoke Le Petit Prince Experiences

focusing on the desert of South East Morocco!

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Ask us about bespoke mountains, rivers and coastal experiences In Morocco!

Great for the European summer and if you are returning to Morocco

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We are Aussies with several years of experience of Morocco!

We understand how Aussies like to travel

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Relax, enjoy Morocco and feel safe with us!

We have over 35 years of experience in tourism

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Go to Morocco now!

Before it becomes a highly regulated tourist trap and spices are bought in supermarkets not in the souks

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Have you always wanted to explore intriguing, vibrant Morocco?
Don’t know where to start, what to expect, or who to trust?

Welcome to Aussies in Morocco Tours. We’re a boutique tour company offering authentic private tours of Morocco.

We offer a range of 4 and 7-day tour packages, starting from Marrakech, Fez or Casablanca. We’ve designed these tours to give you the best introduction to Morocco — from unique experiences to authentic accommodation. All tours can be customised and reversed in direction, and bespoke tour options are available upon request.

Camel riding in the Sahara, wandering the souks of Marrakech and exploring the breathtaking Atlas Mountains are just some of the unforgettable experiences you’ll have on an Aussies in Morocco Tour.

With 15 years experience travelling in Morocco under our belt, we offer a unique level of expertise and knowledge. We go the extra mile to help you plan and prepare for your trip, so you can enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.


Our Difference

As fellow Aussies we know you like adventures, that you are willing to try new things and to immerse yourself in another culture. You work hard and plan a lot for your times away and you want to relax, knowing your travel arrangements are in safe and experienced hands.

We promise you:

  • Authentic Moroccan riads and boutique hotels following traditional Moroccan design and decorative principles. Why would you want to stay in a standard, western-style hotel room which could be just about anywhere in the world?
  • Authentic experiences which you will share with only those people with whom you choose to travel[*] – no unwanted travel companions ever!
  • Comfortable, all access 4WD vehicles – no uncomfortable mini-vans or buses, no matter the size of your travelling party.
  • Social justice, local community and animal welfare experiences[†] that are often not facilitated by tour organisers for visitors to Morocco. These can include, at your option, visiting women’s artisanal cooperatives in the desert or consulting a local woman healer there. You might want to enjoy a saffron lunch at a saffron farm that employs local people on equitable principles or visit an animal refuge outside Marrakech.
  • Bespoke options, if you are wanting to travel to Morocco during the hotter months or if you are an adventure-seeker who wants to return to Morocco to immerse yourself in a different side of it from your last time. If you are one of these people we have a  quirky mountains and rivers itinerary that is off – the – beaten – track. Or you might be intrigued by our special Petit Prince experience of the desert. Just ask us or check out our blog posts about these from time to time.
  • Experienced driver/guides who will enrich your adventure in response to your requests. Moroccans are surprisingly resourceful and flexible. Just ask and they will see what they can do. They will also take you home to family for a welcoming cup of mint tea if you like! As they are locals themselves, from the desert, our driver/guides speak Berber as well as Arabic and English. This means that with their guidance, no matter where you are in Morocco and no matter with whom you are interacting, there is a greatly reduced risk for you of communication problems or cultural misunderstandings.
  • Informative guidelines from us that we recount to you from our shared Australian perspective so that you are across Moroccan customs particularly to do with money matters. Thus you can rest easy about what to expect and what you experience.

[*] (except for our bespoke special-interest group adventures like our groups of photographers)

[†] (upon your request and time permitting)

Our Tours

We offer a range of 4 and 7-day tour packages, starting from Fez, Casablanca or Marrakech. Each tour includes your own private driver, all breakfasts and dinners, accommodation, and a 4×4 vehicle with air conditioning.

Bespoke Tours

Joe’s Photography Tour September 2020

Itinerary and price included. Bookings close 1st June 2020

Rick’s Photography Tour September 2020

Itinerary and price included

Julie’s Perfume Tour May 2020

You can still download the brochure

Morocco Insider

Morocco – More Depth Less Surface Part 4

Morocco – More Depth Less Surface Part 4

The day after my return from visiting the nomads I took the opportunity to move to a beautiful, luxurious riad at a small village called Hassilabied (“white well” in Arabic with the whiteness being due to salt deposits I am told). The management there arranged for me to be taken by 4WD to see three intriguing, gigantic art installations in the desert, built a few decades ago by a visiting eccentric artist…

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Morocco – More Depth Less Surface Part 3

Morocco – More Depth Less Surface Part 3

For our visit to the nomads, we hired an air-conditioned 4×4 vehicle and the services of a young driver called Aziz, from Zaid the owner of Le Petit Prince. The first stop was a natural lake near Merzouga where sometimes there are flocks of flamingos. After that it was onto a market garden in a natural oasis in the desert for us to enjoy a picnic lunch

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