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What to Expect on Your Tour

Experienced Drivers

Our experienced Berber drivers are Moroccan-born, often from the desert areas surrounding Erg Chebbi, and knowledgeable about the Moroccan culture, traditions and places of interest.

On your journey, they’ll share these local insights with you. They aim to create a warm, friendly atmosphere as you travel, whether you are alone or with friends, colleagues or children.

We have found that the drivers’ command of English can vary, which is understandable when English might be their 5th or even 7th language!

If your driver does not speak English well, we recommend tapping into wifi where possible, so you can Google and find out about any points of interest, throughout your trip. Alternatively, an English-speaking certified guide can be provided for your trip, at an additional cost. Contact us to find out more.

Trusted Lunch Spots

While on tour, you’ll enjoy lunch in a range of restaurants and eateries, popular with other tour groups. We’ve chosen these restaurants specifically as they are clean and serve good quality food, relatively quickly — a must if you want time to sightsee or shop. Importantly, they will also offer western-style toilets.

Although we are not associated with these restaurants, our drivers know the owners well and go there regularly, so if they receive a small commission, this is simply because they are bringing in business and there is nothing to worry about. For more information, see “The truth about tipping, bargaining and commissions in Morocco“’.

Well-tended Camels

The camels you ride live in the villages of Merzouga & Hassilabied and work with our Berber suppliers. Because they are working animals, their owners and handlers take good care of them. If you walk through the village, you can often see them outside their owners’ homes.

At Aussies in Morocco Tours™, we take animal welfare seriously, and have investigated the CSIRO optimal camel care, and it appears that Moroccan Berber people exceed these standards.

Long Drives

Most Australians are used to long-distance drives, either as drivers or passengers, and understand the need for breaks in a journey, if only for a rest.

Our drivers know this too, and on our tours there will be ample toilet stops, as well as stops to photograph spectacular landscapes, Berber dwellings and kasbahs, lunches in exotic places, and pauses to shop for local souvenirs in traditional souks if you desire — in fact, everything to make the inevitably long drives as pleasant as possible.

We also note approximate driving times for each day in our tour descriptions.


Our Support

If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your trip, please let us know immediately. We are only an SMS, email or call away, and we — and your driver — are here to help.

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Interested in a tour?

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