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If you have more than 2 weeks to spend in Morocco this route is comprehensive!

Don’t bother trying to squeeze it into 10 days or less though, regardless of what other operators might say. We think 3 weeks would be ideal because then you can spend 2 nights in some places, which is a common request.

Otherwise you may feel like you are just driving the whole time you are in Morocco (an unfortunately common complaint) and seeing lots of panorama without much chance to penetrate into the lives and culture of Moroccan people (or for your handwashing to dry!).

The only thing is that your journey would probably start from Casablanca if you are coming from Australia as that is where most non-European international flights land. But otherwise there are flights from Europe to Fez and to Tangier and lots of people do visit Morocco as a side trip from time spent in Europe, especially those of us with family in Europe.

Let us know if you would like to explore this possibility!


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Aussies in Morocco Tours