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Dial up your Sensory Sensitivity

What does that really mean?

Cara Ghassemian – Principal AIMT™ indulging in some sensory experiences …

Experiencing Morocco is so much more than simply looking at all the sights and bringing home amazing souvenirs of a memorable journey into the exotic.

            It is about the way you see, the way you smell, the way you feel, the way you taste, and the way you hear – not just what “is” out there.

Picture yourself, just after the rain, at King Hassan mosque in Morocco, with its wonderful mosaics. Some of you will simply walk past what is a puddle, and some of you will pause to observe a beautiful reflection in it of the magnificent mosaics. The wonder is in how you relate to the experience.

Sometimes, you just have to pause and let your senses dive deep into new experiences – that’s dialling up your sensory sensitivity.

In other words, to get the most out of your Moroccan adventure treat it as a journey inwards – to connect with your own senses – as much as a visit to another country.
This series of blog posts introduce the beauties of Morocco from a different perspective.
Every sensory experience (sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feel) may not be an “out of the way” encounter, but by enriching your own awareness of each one (through the sensory tools we each use in life to comprehend it) you’ll have a chance to turn candles into fireworks inside your own head.
These blog posts show you a fresh take on the usual commission-oriented tours given by the local guides (don’t hold this against them – we all have to pay the bills as best we can). You might prefer to have them escort you on a sensory tour, or, depending on the locale (ask us which ones) you could go off on your own for an afternoon (or for a whole day if your schedule allows) and just interconnect with Morocco.

Be warned though, once you increase your sensory absorption, you will need more quiet time back at the riad to process the sensory overload of your Moroccan adventure!
Some of these blogs will be published for general viewing, however once you book a tour with us we will make more of these sensory tour blogs available to you.
Please note that, unlike a number of bloggers, we do not receive commissions for affiliate links. All our suggestions are motivated by one thing – giving you (with your engagement) the best time possible.


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