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Morocco is a dream holiday destination for many people. The alluring desert, rainbow of spices, heaving bazaar markets and starry nights entice travellers like the scent of a traditional tagine being cooked mountain-side in a terracotta pot. As wonderful as this image sounds, a trip to Morocco is not without risk, and it is wise to travel there feeling confident and safe in your plan.

In the spirit of my background as a lawyer, I decided to present my case for choosing Aussies In Morocco Tours™ as I’d put it to the ‘Common Sense Court of Australia’. I aim to settle some of the questions and concerns you may have about booking a tour in Morocco.

Cara Ghassemian

Principal, Aussies In Morocco Tours™

First: consider the price

Scenario 1: You are researching on the internet and you find two tours from different operators that seem pretty similar except for the price.

When booking a tour, it can be tempting to go for the cheapest one. And hey, we get it – who doesn’t love a bargain? The issue here is that not all tours are created equal, even though it might appear that way. At Aussies In Morocco Tours™, it is all about you and your enjoyment.

You want a wildlife tour guide? We get you a real wildlife tour guide (not just any guide we simply label a “wildlife” guide). We also cover some meals as well as breakfast. We give you heaps of options for things to see and do in your itinerary and don’t just plonk you at a retreat for days on end to paint the view (unless that is what you want of course). To assist with this we have numerous facts sheets about different things to explore often accompanied by maps, that are available exclusively to our clients via the “Client Resources” page on our website. We have a welcome pack with lots of useful information that we give you on booking.

We offer three to four stars in authentic accommodation and 4WDs or quality vehicles for a maximum of 4 passengers, no matter the size of the party travelling. This means that if members of the travelling party want to do slightly different things on a journey, we can better adjust for that.

We have crisis insurance and provision of a safety app for your mobile device is imminent. This app will have an an alert button and data collection capability in the event you want to make any subsequent insurance claim.  We also have strong local connections including a local booking agent based in Casablanca for accommodation and transportation, in case of any dramas in Morocco.

Why do we use a local booking agent rather than book directly and save on the booking fee? Because he has been in the business for 35 years, he is a native Arabic speaker as well as being fluent in English, he is Moroccan and he can help us and you sort out issues with special deals, refunds and any problems that might occur and with much less difficulty than we would experience – and in the same time zone, whilst completely across local factors. On a personal level we always find him respectful and prompt and are pleased with the way he treats our clients and their enquiries with the same professionalism as the clients of some of his grand clients, such as Cruise Lines from around the world. At least one senior Moroccan government representative based in Australia with extensive travel interests also retains him and indeed introduced us to him.

Unfortunately, while other tours pitch themselves at a similar standard, many do not uphold the same accommodation, travel or security standards. We want you to have an unforgettable holiday in Morocco for all the right reasons, and we are confident that our facilities and flexibility will help you achieve this.


Second: consider the Moroccan suppliers

Scenario 2: You’ve been to Morocco before and you got on well with your driver. Why not just get your friends to contact him directly for their holiday arrangements?

While this may save your friends a bit of money, it could also buy them a whole load of grief.

Your local contact may promise the world to you, but at the end of the day, their services are not guaranteed or insured. Plans don’t work out as promised? Bad luck, there’s no-one else you can contact to see if it can be sorted – it’s too late to find back-up at that point.

We at Aussies In Morocco Tours™ design reliable, tailor-made and secure tours. We are patient with your enquiries and English is our mother tongue. As fellow Australians, operating under Australian law with Australian-based insurance companies, we understand your needs. Because of this, you can kick back and relax, comforted by the fact we are here to support your entire journey — not just until we receive your booking fee.

One thing we will say is that obviously there are some good, established Moroccan tour operators, who are further up the scale in the industry than that driver we mentioned at the beginning of this scenario.

We retain a local Moroccan booking agent based in Casablanca that we find excellent, to arrange accommodation and transport that we specify. Really, that is the point. We extensively research options for you, continuing to call the shots on these, and we do so as fellow Australians who have a feel about what would make you most satisfied. Indeed, we have probably read a thousand reviews in our research of the most common complaints (of Australians in particular) about their holiday in Morocco. We use that information in light of our rather exacting standards; because I was a lawyer for over 25 years and that is how I am designed!

Further, you are just one client for any Moroccan supplier. From their perspective you are unlikely to return anyway (and I recall all those mediocre tourist meals I have eaten in Italy because the restaurants know you will never be back). Your only avenue for any complaint is likely to be a negative TripAdvisor review, in response to which the riad or transport businesses can basically say what they want.

Aussies In Morocco Tours on the other hand, they want to keep happy, otherwise we won’t be sending them any more clients. There is an incentive there, a strong incentive for local businesses to take care of you because they want repeat business from us.

Third: consider the European suppliers, large and small, operating in Morocco

Scenario 3: Why not use European suppliers who are actually in Morocco and might be more trustworthy than their Moroccan counterparts?

At Aussies In Morocco Tours™ you will be communicating with one, maximum two, people throughout the entire process. Cara and Tracey are based in Australia, and live and breathe the same culture as you. We already know many of the questions you will have for us – because we once had the same questions ourselves. Want to know where to find the best quality tailor-made linen dresses, bespoke jewellery or leather bags? Or perhaps you want to ease your concerns about dressing standards, local jargon and how to avoid scams? Whatever it is, we are delighted to help.

Of course, we are also in the same time-zone as you, so if you do need to quickly call us on your work break, you can be sure we will be awake and happy to answer your questions. The bottom-line is that we are passionate and excited to help design the unique holiday you have always dreamed of, and give you the inside tips to ensure it is as smooth-sailing as possible.

Fourth: consider the large Australian operators

Scenario 4: Why not use a large operator because they are tried and true and our money is safer with them, isn’t it?

With many of the large tour buses, you will be carted around to all the main sites, have time to snap a quick picture, and be ushered back onboard to tick off the next destination. You’ll probably stay at large, impersonal, western-style resorts, but will likely miss out on the rich experience that comes from direct interaction with Moroccan people and culture.

At Aussies In Morocco Tours™, we invite you to discover the authenticity and beauty of this land through a personalised experience. To organise this, we have extended phone and email conversations with you, leaning on our own wealth of in-country travel experience. On top of this, our excellent relationships and experience with our local suppliers gives us the flexibility to really organise the trip you want to experience, not the standardised one that other businesses often offer.


Fifth: consider other boutique Australian operators

Scenario 5: Why not book another Australian operator? Her website looks nice, she dresses like I do and seems to take groups there all the time. I feel comfortable with her offering. Plus, a friend went with her last year and told me it was great!

You know what, we are going to surprise you here. If you find another Australian boutique tour operator that is more informative, responsive, flexible, current and with whom you feel more comfortable— go with that operator and have a wonderful time.

The Verdict: (even if I am biased)

So, after gathering and analysing the evidence, the verdict is clear: Aussies In Morocco Tours™ is an excellent choice for Australians travelling to Morocco. While we know there are other tempting options available, we firmly believe that our personalised services and empathetic approach separates us from alternative businesses in our space. We look forward to becoming your trusted advisors, engaged in an ongoing and positive conversation with you, your friends and your family, now and for years to come.

Cara our principal eating dates straight from the tree in the gardens of the Auberge (“Hotel”) where she was staying, during date harvest season.

Cara in one of her traditional Amazigh dresses with lots of tassles, with the Hotel porter, likewise dressed traditionally and not so dissimilar to what you will see in the streets down south, minus the sword of course!

Shopping in Rissani markets.

Refreshed and updated January 2022


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