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Traditional Artisans in Fez

A Preliminary Word of Advice from Cara


Cara Ghassemian – Principal AIMT™

“It can be stressful in another country,

feeling that you have to be on your guard all the time for the local rip-off merchants. Watching your bag, watching the currency exchange rate, watching the change you receive, trusting that the local city guide who you will never see again is taking you to good places, but you have that feeling that he is taking you to expensive places where his mates own the shop.

This wariness becomes tiring and you sometimes later get some feedback, ‘Oh that carpet is not so good; these ones are better quality and cheaper’. Then you feel  disappointed with your purchase – that you had uumed and ahhed about and taken ages to choose – and initially had been so excited to acquire.

With our imminent blog post on Artisans and accompanying facts sheets, Aussies In Morocco Tours™ seeks to erase the possibility of this experience for you in the spiritual home of Moroccan artisanal skills: the imperial city of Fez.

It specifies particular craftsmen who are highly skilled and honest. You can be confident that what you are buying from them is quality and that you have paid the right price. Believe me, this will be a tremendous relief to you.

We give you photographs of the artisans, as well as of their workshop facades to help you know when you are in the right place. We also provide you with google maps of their locations and a PDF map of the location of all five artisans on one page, so you can plan your tour and seek them on your own, cutting out the middle man who takes a commission (your local, city guide). Or, you can give the PDF map and the list to your guide, to make sure that there are no tangents in your travels in and near the labyrinthine medina. Or you have still other options, you can go with one of our expat ladies, or with one of her recommendations. They might still get a commission though – because as we set out here, that’s Morocco!

Despite that, if your ‘thing’ is taking home beautiful, authentic mementos from master craftsmen and women – things you won’t get anywhere else in the world – and you want less hassle and more confidence in their honesty, skill and price, then you will enjoy our upcoming exploration of the artisan trail in Fez.  Read on!”


Founder, Aussies In Morocco Tours™




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