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AIMT™ introduces a
   hydrating spray
        especially designed for
 Morocco’s desertique conditions
                by Rinascentia®.

ORIGIN of the hydrating spray

Before one of her last trips to Morocco, AIMT™ founder, Cara, contacted Rina at Rinascentia® because she was concerned that exposure to the Moroccan sun was damaging her skin. They discussed the conditions – it can be 50 degrees in the desert during high summer – and Cara’s need for something to make her feel more comfortable during her Moroccan stay. Rina experimented with rose essential oil and her own special ingredients, and the Hydrating Rose Sea Mineral Spray was born – winner of the Bronze in Australia’s 2020 Non-Toxic Awards.

            “Just sitting there having a coffee at a hotel 

next to the dunes spraying myself – face and 

                      inner wrists – felt great.   

                                                Cara Ghassemian – AIMT™ principal 

Journeying through the harsh climate of the Moroccan desert, as she has many times, Aussies in Morocco Tours™ ( founder and principal, Cara Ghassemian needed something more than just her rose water to keep her skin quenched.

Hydrating Rose Sea Mineral Spray™ is no ordinary Rose Water Spray. Rinascentia® has combined carefully selected ingredients and created a product to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures that is perfectly suited to the desertique conditions of Morocco. Dry temperatures especially, have been known to dry out the skin making it feel tight, red and uncomfortable. It is recommended to prepare your skin when travelling to Morocco to avoid premature aging – Rinascentia® Hydrating Rose Sea Mineral Spray™ helps your skin feel comfortable so you can concentrate on enjoying your adventure.

“In the desert in particular, when I visit the desert nomads, I use it many times on my face and wrists to feel more comfortable. I love its soothing effect on me and am keen to encourage my clients to take it with them on their adventures with us.”

You’ll want to overcome, or at least lessen, the uncomfortable conditions such as time spent in the dry desert, no air-conditioning in some accommodation, drivers who prefer open windows to using air-conditioning, and the sands sometimes whipped up by desert winds.

Although sand dunes are only in specific places in Morocco, much of Morocco is desertique. You drive through very dry, brown landscape and plains that go on for hundreds of kilometres. So, the product is relevant to a lot of your journey.

It is so much more convenient to take a suitable skin care product with you, than spending precious holiday time trying to track down a suitable local product and trying to buy it over the counter in Morocco, particularly where the language can be challenging.

Rinascentia® has designed this product for all skin types, regardless of ethnic heritage.

Although rose water is sold everywhere in Morocco, be warned, not all of it contains (probably most of it does not) genuine oil from the petals of damask roses – and it is likely that it does not have the added skin care ingredients of our new product.

BENEFITS: What you can expect of the Rinascentia® hydrating spray

• Protection for the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis)
• Protecting against environmental damage by UV radiation, heat and water loss
• Helps the skin retain water to increase hydration and prevent dryness
• Regenerates tissues, enabling a faster healing of wounds
• Increased collagen production and elastin lost through heat, resulting in a restructured skin and a reduction in wrinkles
• Reduces the depth of premature wrinkles due to hot climates, especially on the forehead and around the eyes.


Glycoproteins protect your skin barrier from weakening in extreme hot and cold temperatures. assisting in preventing Trans-Epidermal Moisture Loss (TEWS) to ensure your skin remains hydrated.

Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate and prevent skin from drying, even in the harshest of climates.

Sea Kelp Bioferment is a cooling and soothing, extract produced by fermentation of Sea Kelp using Lactobacillus. It’s rich in probiotic, minerals and antioxidants with superior moisturising benefits for smoother healthier skin.

Pure Distilled Rose Water with therapeutic rose essential oil and rose extract helps in maintaining the skin’s pH balance. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce redness.


Morocco is a land of diverse nature, beauty and extreme weather conditions. Rinascentia® Hydrating Rose Sea Mineral Spray™ is designed for extreme hot and cold climates, keeping your skin hydrated longer than if just using Rose Water.

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