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Shipwrecked on Gilligan’s Island, and other safety scenarios

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Willy Gilligan is clearly facing a crisis here. Sadly for him but happily for the continuation of the cult series, he didn’t have the GINA GO app to quickly resolve his dilemmas.

After soccer games, the main thing people google in relation to Morocco is safety. (“Morocco safe” “Morocco crime” “Morocco terrorism” – you get the picture?) This is despite the fact that for example, Paris has been the subject of more terrorist attacks than all of Morocco and that Barcelona is statistically the pickpocket capital of the world. As with so many things, it is a matter of perceptions not statistics.

However, we want you to be comfortable; as well as safe of course! After prevention, in so far as it is possible, (see our safety blog post here), the next best thing is cure.

Introducing GINA GO (actually not GINGER GO)

Ginger wanted to go (from Gilligan’s Island) and could have done with a friend like GINA. She would have been rescued quick-smart!

Introducing the GINA (Geolocation – Information – Navigation – Assistant) GO personal safety app. Originally it was developed to help journalists and aid workers deal with sticky situations in dangerous locations. However, we or more accurately our colleagues at GINA (, have adapted it to suit our clients when in Morocco. You simply upload it to your smart phone and use a login and password to access it. We will also give you a login and password for you to provide to your medical and travel insurers in the event of any dramas.

Following and with a view to tweaking your interest, we give you some real-life travel scenarios (most of which never eventuate) where GINA GO could help you in ways that google, for example, would not. Then we talk about some of its main features.

Real travel scenarios where GINA is your gal

  1. For any insurance issues, GINA GO can help you provide proof of incidents to your insurers with statistics. For example, your exact location at a given time, information about the road and if relevant, the speed at which you were travelling. If someone denies you were eating at their restaurant, you can show your insurer that you were there at the relevant time. Things like that.
  2. For passport or property loses, GINA GO can help you backtrack over your movements to the last place you remember having had your camera or passport. This is particularly helpful given the language barriers and rabbit warren designs of most medinas.

You can never be 100% certain what is around the corner in life.

  1. For finding specific locations, GINA GO can help you navigate to locations of interest, without you necessarily knowing the names or other identifying details first in order to do a search for them. This is one advantage over google maps. This aspect of the app is likely to improve over time as travellers and we continue to input relevant information.
  2. GINA GO can help you pinpoint the location of your fellow travellers e.g., your adolescent children. Morocco can be crowded in the medinas and you can lose sight of people. Even street lighting is not what you are accustomed to and the darkness at night returning to your riad after venturing out, can be spooky!
  3. GINA GO can help you build up a history, like a digital travel journal, of where you have been and what was good and not so good. Some of us like to develop such a history for a travel business we have journeyed with many times. A bit like “TripAdvisor” but only for yourself and other clients of Aussies In Morocco Tours™. You can also add your own photos and caption them (“This is what the entrance looks like”).
  4. At our end, GINA CENTRAL will, upon receipt of any alert from you, contact our crisis management insurers to let them know you may require assistance (and provided you have made the information available), the exact details about your location.
  5. GINA GO will provide you with contact phone numbers for local police, ambulances, hospitals and consulates, then redirect you to navigation for directions if you need them. Again, this may improve over time as we and our suppliers continue to input the information.
  6. GINA GO can even give you locations for western chemists in case you need to restock on something for common ailments such as a case of sunburn. Again, you can be redirected to navigation for directions to the nearest chemist. We will need to input this information to the app, again with the effluxion of time.


Depending on the nature of the difficulty in respect to any alert, we at GINA CENTRAL can communicate your precise location to our crisis management insurers. We may even be able to issue an additional licence to them in respect of your travelling party, so they, the crisis management insurers, can also take advantage of the features assisting in both the location of others and in the messaging service with all the members of your travelling party. The app developers tell us this is definitely doable and on receipt of any alert from you we will always assume that we have your consent to join our crisis management insurers to your GINA GO group. Our crisis management insurers can then communicate with your own travel and medical insurers via GINA GO, if you have arranged the latter’s joinder to the app.

As we build up the database, we will plot locations of chemists and COVID testing locales as well as local police and hospitals. You might even be able to help us with that as you travel.

If you want us to give you an additional licence for your driver or guide to be a part of your GINA GO group, let us know. That will only be another $15.00. Though, as this is a new feature of our offering, they may at least initially resist taking advantage of it. However, using GINA GO would make it much easier for them to find you instead of relying on your description of where you are or what shop owners tell you is your current location in very broken English.

How GINA GO ticks (its functions)


Your location in real time shows on the map. (accessible by authorised users only)


Simply push the SOS button in a risk situation to instantly alert GINA CENTRAL, and any other users in your “group” including family back home or your insurers.

You can also send a quick audio message and location details.


Be automatically informed if you enter a dangerous zone pre-set by us at GINA CENTRAL. You’ll get SMS and e-mail notification and can quickly alert those with whom you are travelling. For example, if we saw something in the news about some major issue in an area we would activate this function to let you know.


We have a wide map portfolio so can provide different map data from road maps to satellite maps. Different people are comfortable with different styles of maps.


Collect information about security incidents etc. and provide data from the field including photos, questionnaires and location information.


Share your location and photos with those in your group. Fast communication ensures minimal use of mobile data usage.

GINA’s (and our) limits

Please note that as a former lawyer I feel compelled to let you know that none of us at Aussies In Morocco Tours™ nor our suppliers in Morocco are specifically, professionally trained in incident management and it is not as though we are in front of a screen 24/7 monitoring for possible dangers. Meanwhile, and to reiterate, GINA helps us to help you should the need arise and should you provide the relevant information (for example, by leaving active the location tracking) by:

    1. helping us to be precise with our crisis management insurers relating to where exactly you are and what exactly is the problem
    2. collecting relevant data about you that you can later use in making any claims on your insurance
    3. giving you a chance to document your journey with us through uploading pics and noting good places to visit or other useful places to be aware of (future travellers will appreciate you input)
    4. providing us with your location and other data collected, in the event we receive an alert from you, so that our insurers can do something to help you then and there
    5. keeping track of all members of your travelling party through location settings and app messaging.

BE CAREFUL: Please also note that in using the GINA GO app, avoid or limit to the maximum your use of any services offered via the GINA app for which you would have to pay what might be a significant sum, that your own insurance or ours would have provided to you at no additional cost.

We think this scenario is highly unlikely because the only services accessible via GINA GO would be what members of the group offer, so that means Aussies In Morocco Tours™, our crisis management insurers, possibly your insurers (if you have arranged this) and members of your travelling party. I guess any services offered by your local guide via the app could fall in this category. Just be sure of who is providing the service that you are being offered. One example that springs to mind could be helicopter rescues that might be covered by our crisis management insurance in relation to dangerous situations, and possibly by your own medical insurance in respect of remote locations, should the need arise.

Don’t want to give you the heebie-jeebies, but in the event of a scorpion bite in the desert you want to be treated quick-smart don’t you. Just the same as a snake bite here in country NSW.

Aussies in Morocco Tours™ will not be responsible for any expenses you incur as a result of your use of the GINA GO app, other than what our crisis management insurers pay on your behalf.

GINA’s future with us

We are just at the beginning of this journey and as we use the app more and more, we expect to find it useful in an expanding range of scenarios concerning your comfort and wellbeing, that we haven’t yet identified. We are initially going to use it for a trial period of six months to see the uptake from clients, basically because of the cost to us of having this available for you regardless of whether you use it or not.


Of course, in life, love and travel there is always a cost.

Bottom line: If you would like to have the benefit of the GINA GO personal safety app, the fee is just $50.00 per person to have a sub-licence for the duration of your time on tour with us in Morocco for up to 28 days. We will include an additional login to you for your medical and travel insurers (if you request it) as part of this price. It will also include any access we give to our crisis management insurers in the unlikely event of a relevant incident.

If you are on a 10-day tour with us as most Australians seem to prefer, that is $5 a day or a cappuccino!

Also, as we mentioned earlier for $15 extra we can give your local guide or driver access too, if you request it.

This sublicense in each case is for up to 28 days and after that needs to be renewed at the same prices for each subsequent month of use, or part thereof.

Any questions or anything not clear, ASK us!

Remember to show your interest in using the GINA GO app, when you book your next trip with Aussies in Morocco Tours™.

The Professor on Gilligan’s Island made many amazing contraptions from items on the island yet curiously couldn’t repair the hole in the boat. Nor was he able to avail himself of the GINA GO app to get them off the island.

Please note @ Ginasystem have run their eye over this post to make sure that we have stated the proposed functionality accurately.

Bienvenue au Maroc!


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