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For those of you who have paid your tour fee, registration entitles you to free access to the bonus information on our Client Resources page.

You’ll find our Welcome Pack, more city tour blogs, more interviews with artisans in Morocco, maps where to find them and … well, just more! Check out the drop-down menu to see what else there is. 

More advantages and a few other bits and pieces:

* Payment date of your tour fee is upon confirmed receipt into AIMT™ bank account.
* You will thereafter receive an email containing your membership allowing you access to the Client Resources page.
* Access valid for 6 (six) months from the date of your payment of the tour fee. (Contact us for an extension)
* Information on the Client Resources page is downloadable (unlike the rest of our secure website).
* Information on the Client Resources page is updated and supplemented continually, so check back regularly.

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Intellectual Property Rights Notice

Intellectual Property…

* Upon payment of the tour fee, you have a licence from Aussies in Morocco Tours™, limited to your use of material on the Client Resources Page for the duration of your tour(s) with us. It otherwise remains the intellectual property of Cara Ghassemian, trading as Aussies in Morocco Tours™ and it would be a breach of her intellectual property rights to use or disseminate the material for any purpose extrinsic to your licence.